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Get to know all about Pike Schoolhouse Farm - what we do, our mission and our history. Pike Schoolhouse Farm is a year-round farm that offers locals a variety of fresh farm products, including herdshares for milk, pastured chicken, pastured turkey, pastured pig and soy free/gmo free eggs from pastured hens! We specialize small scale quality food. We strive to feed our animals the best of the best, and give them a wonderful life full of sunshine and green grass!

At Pike Schoolhouse Farm we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. It's been a decade long goal for Mason and I (Brittany). We're just a couple of high school sweethearts living our dream: raising our family on a sweet little plot and hoping to share our harvest with local families like our own. We've been renovating the schoolhouse, growing our family and our farm, in addition to connecting with all of you to know how we can serve you better! It's been a wild ride! There's nothing like baby wearing while chasing a few ornery piglets on the loose, or building a animal shelter at 10:00pm! Such a fun adventure!  We live life to the fullest out here, and we are enjoying every minute of it! We’d love for you join us in our journey as we learn and navigate the country life!

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Milk this good deserves to be shared!

Portland's very own legit speakeasy... I mean...raw milk MICRO-DAIRY is here! In the basement of our Yamhill schoolhouse--- yes, schoolhouse--- we are running a legit speakeasy, except, it's legal. I'm talking about unfiltered, non-pasturized, non-homoginized, liquid gold...that's right: RAW MILK! In true prohibition style, our jersey milk is bottled in our 1920's schoolhouse basement. Oh so rebellious of us, we know!

Cultured Butter *fluffier and tastier cakes*

Cultured Cheese *with your favorite pinot*

Yogurt *sneak the probiotics to the kids like a ninja*

Ice cream *pairs well with netflix and hulu*

Cream for your hourly Stumptown, Insomnia, or Blue Kangaroo *we got your back, Portland'ers*


 Sign up as part of a herdshare now and get your drink on! See if our herdshare pickups are in your neck of the woods!

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Is raw milk safe?

If you have to ask that, you haven't researched it enough. I will say, our whole family guzzles it down like candy, including our very young children. I put it in my coffee daily. No guilt in this pleasure! Here is more info! Dive in! A Campaign for Real Milk made a wonderful brochure just for this question! 

What's the difference between raw milk and pasteurized milk?

Raw milk not only tastes better, it's actually better FOR you. Scroll through a bunch of resources on A Campaign for Real Milk, to learn more!

Can I come see your farm?

Yes! Please do. Come and meet "Millie" our 5 year old A2A2 Jersey. She's a peach. unless you skimp on her alfalfa then she's bark-mooing at you till you give her more of the good stuff. We feed her clover, alfalfa, and orchard grass. She's on pasture when its gloriously growing. Her cream is to.die.for. Total game changer for well, any ... human. [Our pigs, turkeys, and chickens love it too though] Obviously, don't be *that customer* who comes unannounced demanding selfies with Millie. Be a doll, text me and schedule a farm meet-and-greet. Brittany (916)872-7724 ....If you read A2A2 and thought "did she mean R2D2?" here's a link to explain what I'm talking about: Snowville Creamery.

What is a herdshare?

"Herdshares, also known as farmshares, cowshares, goatshares, etc., people buy shares of a milking animal or herd, and pay the farmer to care for the animals and milk them. As owners, the shareholders are entitled to the milk from their own animals. The farmer may deliver the milk directly to shareholders or a central drop point, or shareholders may pick it up at the farm. Shares are typically sold based on an expected milk volume. For example, “one share” may entitle the holder to one gallon of milk per week. Owners can buy the number of shares they need to ensure the milk supply they want."

Quoted from: A Campaign for Real Milk

In other words, it makes it legal for your family to get in on the action!


Farm fresh, Table ready!

Thanksgiving Dinner
Ham, Salami and Cheese Board


TAKING DEPOSITS NOW! Expected processing date is the end of October 2018 for non-heritage breeds, and end of February 2019 For Heritage breed! Our pastured turkey is raised with the upmost care and attention to detail! Our turkey is fed a high protein diet including hard boiled eggs, grain (it does include soy), grass, flowers, and any bugs they are quick enough to catch! I would love to switch to a soy free feed, but in order to get their protein to 30% of their diet, so far, our options only include soy. Turkeys will not survive without a diet high in protein. I'd rather feed them well, with some soy if that means they will be healthy and survive till we need them in freezer camp! We currently have heritage breed and broad breasted bronze available for preorder! Reservations are limited as we are only raising a small flock this year!



Happy pigs are tasty pigs! We are happy to take preorders to get an idea of how many pigs we need to raise for the 2019 farrowing season! We feed them only the best! Which is of course from our local mill, Mosaic Farms! All the ingredients are listed on their website! 


Fresh Chicken Salad

Farm Fresh Chicken

TAKING DEPOSITS NOW! Expected processing date is August 2018!  These pastured chickens are worth their weight in gold! *not really* but kinda! They are beautiful and so nutritious! Raised on grain and pasture, they are happy to provide your family with more than one awesome meal. We've done pulled BBQ chicken on personal pizzas on a Saturday night, pulled BBQ sliders on Sunday night, followed by chicken noodle soup with bone broth made with that chicken on a monday. You can't beat the flavor of farm fresh!


Farm Fresh Eggs

Our eggs are the best! RICH, golden yellow firm fresh yolks! Healthy eggs come from happy hens! Our hens are totally spoiled with garden treats, non-go, non soy feed from Mosaic Farms, and all the goodies they can find in our beautiful 2 acres! They free range and dust bathe all over our property. They are quite the cuties! These girls are totally our pets. We love them, and they love us, says their eggs! You can sign up for my Herdshare and click EGGS and chose your pick up time and location.  Make sure to give me a heads up if its a large order, so I can make sure there's enough! :) 


Come on Down to the Farm!

 *By Appointment only*

Yamhill, OR 97148, USA

Call/text Brittany @ 9168727724

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Call/text Brittany @ 9168727724

Yamhill, OR 97148, USA

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